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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little About Me, Little About You

Making : knitted hats to send to Japan
Cooking : up a plan to get out of bed!
Drinking : not a dang thang!
Reading: 60 Quick Baby Knits
Looking: at my computer screen
Playing: Words With Friends (always)
Wasting: time wishing I had more of it
Sewing: well, so many things.  Latest is newborn baby hats out of stained tshirts for babies at a Houston area charity hospital (LBJ)
Wishing: I had more time in a day
Enjoying: Knitting on Fridays at Starbucks, 10am in Town Center!
Waiting: for more Pandora charms!
Liking: that I chose my spouse so wisely!
Wondering: when I will see my grandkitty again
Loving: that my friends call me to go out to lunch!

Hoping: that I will have a productive day today
Marveling: at how smart my grandson is, and how fast he’s growing
Needing: Pandora charms, James Avery charms, fabric, yarn, knitting needles…
Smelling: nothing…I think that is a good thing!
Wearing: the usual, tshirt & shorts, my year round outfit!
Following: the education crisis in Texas
Noticing: that all 3 of my kiddos seem happy
Knowing: that I woke up above ground, again today, yea!
Thinking: too much, should DO more, and THINK less
Bookmarking: all the projects I am going to do in my 200 year lifetime

Opening: my refrigerator to get some string cheese
Giggling: when Tanner does something bad (and I shouldn’t laugh!)
Feeling: tired, always
This was inspired by a post at this fantastic blog: