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Friday, February 7, 2014

Wreck This Girl Secret Pen pal Scavenger Hunt 2014

This winter I participated in a cool swap run by Wreck This Girl

 I  received a package

all the way from Australia!  So exciting. It had lots of little wrapped presents in it

Package number One

Contained a crocheted potholder by Katyha and an oven mitt with the flower of Australia in it. 

Package number Two

An awesome kangaroo tote did Katyha know I was a bag lady??? And a wooden kangaroo puzzle. Tanner will love that puzzle. 

Package number Three

Contained some stationary, envelopes, papers and some awesome Lego erasers!  (Something else I will have to share with my grandson Tanner!). Katyha confessed that she loves stationary bits!

Package number Four

Well, what can I say???  Chocolate!!  I do not have to share this with is gone, and it was delicious!!!

Package number Five

As described by Katyha...more stationary bits!  Photo frames, paper clips and (a fave) washi tape!!

The extra package

An awesome journal that Katyha named 'Recipes I Love'. Isn't her handwriting wonderful?  She then hand wrote several of her favorite recipes in the beginning of the journal, in her handwriting. I will add to this and treasure it forever!!  Katyha can be found at or on Instagram @lovekatyha

The package I gathered up was sent to Florida to Bethany of Poeticpaper Post

This was bittersweet, I put this package together as my father in law was in the hospital dying. I had purchased and gathered everything before he went in the hospital. It was wrapped, packaged, decorated and mailed while he was in the hospital. That said, things like that tend to make me forgetful. So, since I did not take good 'before' photos, I am struggling to remember the contents. I do remember I sent a travel size package of Qtips...cause they make excellent impromptu paint brushes!  Also a couple of Sharpies ;my favorite markers, especially the brush ones), a roll of washi tape and some postcards (to represent me!). The postcards are vintage reproductions of Houston long ago!  Awesome!  I enjoy Postcrossing  I have a large stash of postcards, and a collection of written and stamped postcards from around the world!

I totally enjoyed doodling (mail art!) on the package!!   So fun, I hope Bethany liked her package.