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Monday, March 10, 2014

30 Days of Lists, March 10

Continuing on with the #30days of lists...

If I Ruled the World

1. I would of course make peace, not war. 
2. I would encourage handcrafts and art for everyone. 
3. I would teach cursive writing to all. 
4. Foreign language would not only be encouraged, but expected, from birth. 
5. I would put people to work on infrastructure. We seem to neglect it. 
6. I would surround myself with those I could trust to make the right decisions for the people. 

I don't really want to rule the world. My hair is already grey, and I have enough trouble trying to raise up my 24 year old twins, and the six year old grandson!!!  

Some of my ideas may sound silly, but creativity is good for the soul!  Don't you agree?