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Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 Days of Lists, March 13

Let's walk down memory lane. It is my understanding that I lived in 22 different locations my fist 2 years of life. My daddy was working the pipeline because Dow had laid him off in February 1958, just a month before I was born. 

I was born in Livingston Texas. My brother was born in Clarksdale Mississippi when I was 22 months old. Again, dad was unemployed...the pipeline crew had moved on, but mom was too close to domino-ing. After my brother was born, we moved back to Livingston, and then dad was called back to Dow. We lived in 3 houses in Lake Jackson. The one I consider my childhood home was on Cherry Street. We moved there when I was in first grade. As part of this month's listing project, this is how I would...

Describe My Chdhood Home:

1. White, wooden house
2. Real wood floors
3. One bathroom, no shower
4. Wall heater
5. Pecan Tree
6. Wisteria vines on the fence
7. Big vegetable garden
8. Treehouse my mind it is still home. I'd like to think I could go back home. Lots of friends have never left, but I've even lived in the cold and snowy Ohio and Michigan. Now I am on the north side of Houston. Maybe one day I will be back home...