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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heidelberg Germany

I came along in the huz's suitcase on his business trip. We came here 6 years ago, when Jilla was pregnant and the twins were still in high school. This time they are 23 and on their own. As far as we know, the house is still standing.

We're staying at the Marriott, which is right on the Neckar river. I wish we were closer to the Hauptstrasse. We've had dinner down there twice.

We took a drive to Walldorf (20 minutes?) on Sunday. That is the little town we stayed in before. That little town is at least twice as big as it was 6 years ago. Could not find the restaurant we'd eaten at before. It must have been torn down in the name of SAP progress.

Here's a few photos from the iPhone.