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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 11

I woke up with a terrible sore throat this morning. Never quiet woke up either!  I hope for a good night's sleep tonight. 

Todays's list topic is:

Things My Family Taught Me

1. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You. 
2. To take care of my things. 
3. How to cook
4. What to look for in a man
5. How to play marbles and horseshoes 
6. How to garden and fish 
7. How to camp and boat
8. How to sew
9. To be a team player 
10. To be tough and take care of myself. 

I had a good childhood. I may have been oblivious to somethings. I learned, as a side note, to always be honest with my children. I like this generation much better, where we talk about our weaknesses.