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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dyeing Fabric Workshop

Today was the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild's Workshop day. We went over to the talented Michael Cunningham's dyeing studio and dyed the day away. We did many new to me techniques. I really liked the quick and easy Shibori technique. It may take a week until I see how that one turned out!  There was traditional tie dyeing with rubber bands, too. We did some Deconstructed Screen Printing. 
Here's Michael giving us a demo. 
Here is Don after doing his D. S. P. We had two different screens. 
Here he is working on his Soy Wax Resist masterpiece. He added more colors (pink?) and then used a diluted Marigold dye for the background. This will make a great center panel in a quilt one day. Can't wait to see it all rinsed out!
Here's my Soy Wax Resist piece in progress. I used some Alicia Burke styrofoam stamps, painted hot pink dye over those and then painted the background with Chinese Red. Awesome color!  Cannot wait to wash these out in 16-48 hours!!!
Here's the book we used for instruction. I ordered me one from Amazon while on my lunch break. Stay tuned for photos if the dyed fabrics!