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Saturday, March 1, 2014

30 Days of Lists, March 1

I am doing the List Thing again!!  Second time. So much fun, and it gets me blogging, regularly!  

Today's prompt is:

Ways to Make Magic in Your Life

1. Lunch out, with the girls. 
2. Afterschool Lunch with the grandson
3. Snack at the FroYo place
4. Starbucks, any time
5. Send a postcard 

Tanner gets out of kindergarten at 1:50. Sometimes I haven't had lunch yet. He has lunch at 10:40!  (Can you believe it?) so, when we go to a restaurant after school for a bite...he named it Afterschool Lunch. So cute!!

Today we had an early dinner in Old Town Spring at Wunche Brothers. Here is a photo from today. 

This boy was starving!!!