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Friday, March 7, 2014

30 Days of Lists, March 6

It's my Birthday! !!  Woohoo!

Busy, busy day! Errands, Tanner, Open House, TBall practice and quilt guild meeting!

The listing fun today is just perfect for me since I have Adult Onset ADD. I have it bad!

Projects I am in the Middle of...

1. Ten years ago (at least), I stopped listing my quilt UFOs   In other words, when the list reached 100, I stopped counting (listing)

2. So many knitting projects too!  I have only been knitting 5 years, though, so less than the quilt projects!  The newest is a pair of boot cuffs. One almost done, one to go. 

3. Wedding homework!  8 days til the wedding! I have 24 mason jars to decorate with burlap and lace, The kids game packs to package up and I should wrap up some gifts to help my daughter out too!

4. Always in the middle of documenting memories for the family. 

Everything with me is a work in progress! Some things do have my oldest daughters wedding in EIGHT days, but so many things are open ended!  Not good for someone with AO-ADD! (See above)