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Saturday, September 28, 2013

30 Days of List, Day 28

We started the day out at Whittington Bridal in Kingwood at 10am. Janell, Jilla and I were once again joined by my friend Fonda. By noon, she had said yes to a dress. It is made by an Australian designer, and has a Soanish feel to it. Besides being a lace dress, it is nothing like she went into this thinking she would get. 

By 1pm we were at Tanner's soccer game. Normal, crazy Saturday.  Janell and David headed to the airport around 4pm. 

Today's list prompt is:

In My Fridge...

Kraft Miracle Whip
Chelsea's Deli Spirelli 
Boars Head Mustard
Kraft 2% string cheese
Organic fat free milk
Organic chocolate milk
Greek yogurt, key lime pie flavor
Blackberry and grape jelly
Egglands Best eggs
Cottage cheese
A cantaloupe 
Apples, oranges
Land O Lakes unsalted butter
Fresh mozzarella cheese

It's kind of bare in there, we need to make a grocery store run!!!  I am a brand loyal consumer, a marketers dream!