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Friday, September 27, 2013

30 Days of Lists, playing catch up

Oh my, how did I get so far behind?  Oh, I know...I went on a quilt retreat last weekend, stayed up late and got up early those days, Monday, the huz had a colonoscopy, at 6am, more lost sleep!  By Wednesday, I was caught up on sleep, but Janell and David arrived about 11pm!  Thursday evening was wedding dress shopping, today was just crazy, anyway...I am behind, and it is time to catch up!

Recent Dreams, List #22

I do not dream a lot as I sleep.  When I do, I don't remember them.

Dreams as in things I'd love to do...

1. Travel a whole bunch more, I'd love to go back to Germany.  I'd love to go to Scandinavia, the UK, western Canada (in the summer), Oregon, Australia, New Zealand...

2. I'd like my other two kids to graduate from college and fine a wonderful spouse

3. I'd like Janell's wedding to be whatever she wants it to be, and go off without a hitch

4. I'd love my auto-immune issues to be figured out!

Things People Don't Know About Me Because They Don't Bother to Ask, List #23

1. How I really am

2. I have a Computer Technology degree

wow, this is really hard!  I am an open book.  I am shy at first, but once I know you, you know me.  I will think more on this one!

How to Have a Better Day, List 24

1. No alarm clock needed
2. Breakfast, pancakes, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, cooked by someone else
3. Starbucks black iced tea, unsweet, extra ice
4. A lunch date, possibly Red Curry
5. Some quilting time
6. Well behaved kids, and no drama!

My Family's Quirks, List 25

1. We're a nudist colony, lol
2. Poop seems to always be the dinner conversation
3. We keep our drapes closed (hum...may be tied to #1)
4. We love our science fiction shows
5. We've quit wrapping Christmas gifts, we give them in reusable grocery bags

There are probably hundreds more, but I think we are normal...though YOU may not!  :)

Rules For Being My Friend, List 26

1.  Honesty, Always be honest with me.
2. To be a fabulous friend, you have to have my same moral compass, which includes my political sense
3. Have a sense of humor!
4. Text me instead of calling me for a quick thing!

You might need to be a quilter and/or a knitter too!  :)  Honesty truly is the best policy!  Please do not lie to me!  I'd love it if you can tell good jokes, but at least have a sense of humor great enough to laugh when you hear a good joke!!!

Favorite Classes/Courses/Workshops, List #27

1. Twirling, when I was a girl
2. Finite Math at Brazosport College
3. Logic at University of Houston
4. Any Bonnie Hunter quilting class
5. Any Charlotte Angotti quilting class

Whew!  I am caught up!  Yahoo!!!!  Party at my house!