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Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 12


1. When I was a girl, school started this month
2. My oldest daughter was born this month, on September 7, 1983
3. My oldest daughter was proposed to this month, this year, on her 30th birthday
4. When we lived in Michigan, it meant apples!
5. It is not quiet as hot as July and August
6. Apple has a new (actually 2) iPhone out this month

I loved going to school, always.  Janell was due August the 4th, but was 5 weeks late, yes, really! I love and miss Ida Red apples from Michigan! It can still be horrendously hot in Houston in September!!!  I need a new iPhone!  I am out of memory.  It keeps freezing and frizzing.  My 2 year contract was up last month.  Gabriel has already renewed...he went to the darkside...droid.  Jilla and I are waiting till ours die, except I don't want to lose data!!!!  See everyone tomorrow!