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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 10

The huz was home again today, recuperating from his knee surgery. He's walking around fairly well no crutches yesterday or today. Janell left early this morning to go recruit at Texas A&M, we then met up with her in south Conroe to look at a wedding venue. Belle Rose Maison.
It was gorgeous. Janell goes home early in the morning. She will be back soon, I am sure, to do some more planning. 

Day 10's listing topic:

Meaningful gifts received

1. NOT a vacuum cleaner (he will never live this one down)
2. The awesome sewing machine I got the next Christmas
3. My 21st anniversary diamond ring. 
4. The baby doll I got at age 1 that was as big as I was. 
5. The tricycle I got for my 2nd Christmas, one week after my brother was born, with my parents last $22. Dad was unemployed too, because he stayed behind (when the pipeline moved on) since mom was about to burst with baby!
6. All the little wrapped in pretty bows Nowlin Jewelry boxes I got each Christmas growing up. Rings, necklaces, watches. 
7. Floral fabrics from my kids. 
8 Each and every hand made gift, starting with the full wardrobe of Barbie clothes my mom made me when I was fairly young. 
9.  My grandson Tanner. 

I believe I could write a book on this subject!  There is this, and oh so much more!!!!