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Sunday, September 8, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 8

I am still super excited about Janell getting married!  So happy for her!  She will be a beautiful bride!

 taken on August 31, 2013

Today's listing title is: 


1. I began washing dishes standing on a bar stool
2. I was always expected to pick up my room
3. I started washing my own clothes in 4th grade
4. I washed many a baseboard and kitchen cabinet\
5. I loved hoeing in the garden and helping with Mr Dawson's garden too

One spring, I was maybe 9?, I was helping dad in Mr. Dawson's garden (elderly neighbor, two doors down).  I was just a hoeing away, and said to dad...I'm a pretty good little hoer!  He laughed and laughed and said YES, I had no idea at the time why he had laughed!  I think it took a couple of years for me to make the Whore connection!  :)