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Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 16

Today the list gives me is phrased "Things only a ________would understand."  Time to choose, should I go with Bride, Kindergartner, Mother, Grandma, Wife, Housewife (I'm NOT), Friend, Fan, Quilter, Knitter, Mother of the Bride, Scrapbooker, Instagram-er...oh, this is a tough one!

Things Only a Instagram-er Would Understand

1. #selfie
2. #shoeshot
3. #foodporn
4. #photooftheday
5. #instagood
6. #snailmailrevolution
7. #latergram
8. #tbt
9. #shoutout
10. #jrddwed

There ya have my top ten for the evening!  I have got to get better taking self portraits! I absolutely love taking photos of my shoes on my feet!  I should take more photos of food!  I wish I took a photo a day!  Everything can be Instagram good!  I love being a part of Postcrossing and the Snail Mail Revolution!  I don't share a lot of photos after the fact.  I really should remember to share an oldie but a goodie on Throw Back Thursday this week.  Shouting out to friends may bring them new followers!  When my daughter weds her fiance next year...number 10 will be her Instagram Wedding hashtag!

I thoroughly enjoyed this one!