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Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 5

I'm home from the quilt guild.  Was installed as First Vice President, in charge of membership, and Show and Tell, the Beekeeper and Lottery Blocks fall under my umbrella.  The guild voted on new by laws a few months ago.  Shook things up a bit.  More elected positions and took some of the pressure off the President by dividing the responsibilities out among the rest of us. Here's to a sucessful, stress free year!  :)

#30 Lists

Day 5!  The topic is:  Things That Worry Me

1. Employment, specifically, the huz, two days of firings...just this week. Still employed.  Whew!
2. The kids, specifically, the twins.
3. My health
4. My parents and in laws
5. Freeways

Worry is my middle name.  Stress, you name it, I can stress over it!  Not only do I have high blood pressure (due to stress/worry), I also have 'white coat syndrome' (documented)!  Totally awesome!  <rolls her eyes>

Happy almost weekend!  Oh, wait...the huz has knee surgery tomorrow, torn meniscus (at least one tear), not going to be a fun weekend at my house!  Happy weekend to the rest of you though!  Thanks for visiting!  Would love for you to comment!