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Saturday, September 21, 2013

30 Days of Lists, Day 20

Today was an early start. My friend, Lish, picked me and all my stuff up at 930.  We met up with Alice, Susie and Charlotte at the Northpark Starbucks for breakfast and then headed up to Conroe for their quilt show. Enjoyed the quilts, saw friends, lunched at Panera Bread and hit the Quilters Quarters quilt shop before heading on to Camp Allen for the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild's annual retreat. It was a rainy, humid, miserable day. Now it's after 3am and I need to do today's list!  The topic is:

Comforting Me this Week

1. Alway, the huz
2. Tanner, saying he'd miss me
3. Tanner calling me tonight
4. Aunt Mona Rae calling today to make sure I knew about my dad's current worry
5. Knowledge that Gabriel is moving forward