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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 2013, 30 Days of Lists, Day 1

I am participating in the 30 days of lists during the month of September 2013. Today is the first day of September and the title of the first list is: New so far this year...

 1. Tanner started Kindergarten on August 26th.
 2. Gabe will have knee surgery on Friday.
 3. I spent 3 days in the hospital in June...and I did not have a baby.
 4. During that stay, I realized my oxygen level is back up to normal.
 5. We put up an iron fence for Jack and Carter, so they have a peek at the outside world.
6. Egypt is very unstable.
 7. Under the Dome is a pretty cool show.
8. I have now been to a foreign scrapbook store. (in Hockenheim Germany)

Tanner is my grandson.  Gabe is my huz.  Jack and Carter are our Labradors.  They are brothers, litter mates.  Jack is a Black Lab, and Carter is a Chocolate Lab.